HW-Give Focuses on Local Charities

Juliet Suess

By: Sarah Healy
HW Give, the student and faculty committee for organized charity events on campus, has made a change this year to focus only on local charities. In previous years, students could pick from any charity they wanted, no matter the location. However, by concentrating on local charities, committee leaders believe that students can develop a closer relationship with the Los Angeles community.
“In the past we have really let kids do whatever they like, but we want our student body to see that there is need right here in our city and we want our school to be connected to those people in need, and really give our students a chance for an ongoing connection,” math teacher and HW Give leader Regan Galvan said.
Galvan said that HW Give’s main purpose is not only to help students organize charity events and plan them so that there aren’t multiple events happening at the same time, but also to make sure that the events are run well and interest the student body.
“We want our events that happen on campus to really educate the students about an important cause, we want our events to engage the students, and we want the events to have a purpose that we like,” Galvan said.
Students have applied to be a part of the council and are currently waiting to see if they got accepted. These announcements should be made in the near future.