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Why Mueller’s disagreement with AG William Barr could mean trouble for President Trump

Special Counsel Mueller sent Attorney General William Barr a letter in March saying that he was discontent with the way Barr had phrased his “summary” of the Special Counsel’s four hundred page investigation. It was revealed a few weeks ago. It is no secret President Trump was not happy with Mueller’s Russia probe. He has

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Joe Biden and the normalization of sexual assault allegations

Former vice president and possible presidential candidate Joe Biden was accused of sexual misconduct on March 29. Despite speculation to the contrary, Biden’s campaign has endured while sustaining barely a scratch from this debacle. In a poll by Morning Consult conducted between March 25-31 (largely before the allegations came out), Biden was expected to get

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Opinion on the Death Penalty and its Recent Developments in California

One action by Governor Gavin Newsom protected the lives of 737 people on California’s death row, designating they stay in prison rather than be executed. Newsom halted any further actions of capital punishment, or the death penalty, in our state. Though this argument is complex, conversations are finally taking place to rewrite and reconsidered our

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