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Opinion on the Death Penalty and its Recent Developments in California

One action by Governor Gavin Newsom protected the lives of 737 people on California’s death row, designating they stay in prison rather than be executed. Newsom halted any further actions of capital punishment, or the death penalty, in our state. Though this argument is complex, conversations are finally taking place to rewrite and reconsidered our

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Why ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ is about more than the unfair advantages in the college application system

Immediately after the news of ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ broke, article after article cast the parents as victims of a messed up college application system or that the parents acted out of a misguided sense of love. The overall sentiment being “Who doesn’t want the best for their kids?” However, this left me wondering: Were the

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Free the Nipple

Adam Levine, The Super Bowl LIII halftime performer, took off his shirt exposing his nipples during his halftime performance. This act raised anger amongst many viewers, because Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance caused uproar and a damaged career when she suffered from a wardrobe malfunction exposing her own nipple. During Jackson’s Super Bowl

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