Dance showcase brings new meaning to the two sides of literature

Keira Jameson

A dance performance by the Contemporary Dance Workshops one and two (CDW1 & 2) was held in the Saperstein theater on Jan. 16. The two classes have been rehearsing for this performance since the start of the school year. Groups of one, two or three performed with their own song choices and choreographed dances, as well as one group dance for each section as each group’s finale. Individually, each dance is only a few minutes long, but has been curated for weeks and has its own story to tell to the audience.

The CDW1 portion of the show was less structured, whereas the CDW2 portion had a specific theme that each dance follow. The theme of CDW2 was “Between the lines,” following storybook tales as well as storybook readers. With some larger groups during the second half, not every dancer in each group choreographed the dance.

In a recent interview, one of the dancers spoke on her favorite parts of the program and why she loves it.

“I love CDW1 because I get to be with my friends and learn to dance,” Kyra Goldstein ‘23 said, “My favorite part was choreographing our own dance.”

Throughout the dance performance, all of the different parts fused together into a beautiful show. A cheerful atmosphere from the audience and the dancers contributed to a warm, fuzzy environment amongst the rain.