“Hollywood’s Bleeding” Review


Izzy Daum

Post Malone’s newest album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” has a surprising amount of bangers for such a morbid name. I decided to review my favorites from the album and show why they are so special to me, and even though it was hard to pick and choose, they were chosen carefully. Every song on the album is experienced differently, and the culmination of them all is an experience so great you should stop what you’re doing and listen to it right now! Wait… read this first.

“Hollywood’s Bleeding”

This song is very dramatic just like Post Malone’s whole album, and the chaotic undertones of it make it sound so loud and aggressive. “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is perfect to describe the feeling of his album in general because, even though the songs are all very different, it gives a good summary of all the emotions it will bring to you like sadness, anger, excitement, etc.


Even though I have only recently started listening to this song, it has quickly become one of my favorites from the album. It is so underrated, but I love how quickly the lyrics and the beat change. There are so many drastic temp changes made, more than I can count, which makes it so cool to listen to and I love the differences of each verse. I want to get up and dance everytime I listen to this song because it just makes me feel so carefree.

“A Thousand Bad Times”

The lyrics in this song are the main reason why this I love to blast this song in the car with the windows rolled down and listen to it repeatedly. One line of this song is my favorite of all time and I listen to this song on repeat just to hear Post Malone say “And I don’t wanna meet your momma, she prolly crazier than you.”The song is perfect to get ready to, and can replace any emotion with pure, funky vibes.


This is probably the most popular song from Hollywood’s Bleeding since I constantly hear it on the radio, which I am not complaining about, and one of my favorites too. The sounds used, the chorus and how they all blend into such an unique song makes me love it even more. It is always in my head, specifically the chorus, and I could never get sick of the tune.

“Take What You Wan”t Ft. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott

This is my favorite song off the album because the feelings it gives me are not like any other song I listen to. Songs can have such a big impact on the emotions we feel and this song could change my emotions to the complete opposites because of how much it has an affect on me. “Take What You Want” gives off such a different energy from every other song on the album and the two artists featured are two of my favorites which add to my appreciation. I also love the guitar solo from Ozzy Osbourne at the end because it is such a strong finish to the song.

“Staring at the Sun” Ft. SZA

I just started listening to this song and I love the lyrics. It makes me feel really warm inside and gives me so much comfort. Also, I love the artist SZA and feel like their voices match up so much in this song and it was so well done. Before “Staring at the Sun” came out, I could never of imagined their voices together because of how different they sound, but I was pleasantly surprised after it dropped. It is my go to when I’m feeling sad because it always makes me feel better.

“Goodbyes” Ft. Young Thug

This was one of the first songs to come out from the album and I think it was a really good showcase to the vibes this album contains just like “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. The tune, especially at the beginning of the song, is very catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Even though it came out a long time ago, since it was dropped before the album was released, I still listen to it all the time.