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Dance Production’s “Game Over”

Dance Production, an elite dance group on the middle school campus, performed their long awaited show, “Game Over” in the Saperstein Theater. Members of the Dance Production have been rehearsing their routines since late December, and thus the show was well thought out. It was carefully choreographed, mostly by the dance department head, Joe Schenck, though the majority of the dances were choreographed by members of the team themselves, lights and sound effects were curated by Tim Schmall.

The theme of this year’s show was a peek into the gaming world, alluded to by the telling title Game Over. The set has sharp shapes on the stage floor, background and physical props to immerse the audience and portray the effect of a video game setting.

The story behind the show, as told by Schenck and the dancers, was a group of girls who decided to play a video game and were eventually sucked into the game’s universe. At first, they found the game to be fun, but the players slowly figured out they were being controlled by the programmers of the game and would have to find a way to escape. This meant the three teams that were previously competing against each other would have to band together to escape from their captivity at the hands of the programmers.

The dancers wore different costumes fit for each dance. Those varied from flowy dresses to tight black shirts and pants with kneepads. The stage was brightly colored with different lighting effects that enhanced the aura of the dances. Each dance had a different song and mood, but put together, they told the story seamlessly. Different from previous Dance Production performances, the stage was made up of different sized blocks creating two towers on either side of the stage, creating many different sizes and dimensions.

Juliana Ross ’22 spoke about her experience dancing in the show. “It was such a great experience, and I am so sad it is over. We all worked so hard on the show, and I really think it all paid off,” she said.

Another dancer, Eloise Dupee ‘22, also spoke about her thoughts on the show. “I had so much fun dancing with all of my friends during the show. We had been practicing for so long, so it was so fun and rewarding to finally perform it,” she said.

Mr. Schenck, the dance teacher who oversaw the production of Game Over,” reflected on the experience in an email. “I am thrilled with the way that Dance Production turned out this year! It was so rewarding to have everyone on the team on the same page design-wise: the dancers and their choreography, the costume and projection designers, and Mr. Schmall’s genius sets and lighting… Everything came together so seamlessly and artfully to tell a very impactful story and create a really unique, yet specific world. It took a ton of hard work, teamwork and patience to pull it off, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team for what we accomplished.”

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