Freshman Boys Basketball Finishes Undefeated

Maxine Zuriff

The freshman boys’ basketball team completed their season with their final game against Chaminade. With a league record of 9-0, they remained undefeated throughout their season. In their last game against Chaminade on Jan. 25, the freshman boys won 78-48 and lead Chaminade throughout the game.

This season the team created an unbreakable bond, along with being intense competitors on the court. Coach Lawrence White, the freshman coach, stood beside them during the season and allowed every teammate to get a chance to play and make an impact on the team.

Although Chaminade was not tough competition, the game was a fun way for the freshman boys to share their last game together and remain undefeated. One teammate who continuously shined during the the season was Ryan Zoller ’22.

“It was a good way to end the season going undefeated and winning by a blowout, because certain people who weren’t used to playing that much got to play. Also everyone was able to score which is a great way to end the season. My team and I are all good friends and it was a fun season to start. We have been hanging out for the last seven months, practicing and playing together. Lastly, our coach is awesome. He has always been there for us and very into it which made the season a lot more enjoyable,” Zoller said.