Harvard-Westlake community participates in emergency drill

Andrew Reiter

The Harvard-Westlake (HW) community gathered in the Saperstein Theatre for an emergency drill on Monday, Oct. 22, during activities period. Once the students were seated, John Wimbish introduced Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Captain, John Ingatczyk.

During his speech, Ingatcyzk mentioned the protocol for an active shooter, an earthquake, or during a fire situation. The fire alarm and the on-campus threat alarm were played for the students to make sure they had an understanding of the meaning of an alarm in case of an emergency. Ingatczyk also showed the students a new earthquake notification system that sends an emergency alert to all cell phones and counts down until one feels the shock of the earthquake so one has time to move to a safe space and take cover.

The students then evacuated to the Sprague Field and lined up into their emergency lines as if there was an actual earthquake after they felt a simulation earthquake in the Saperstein. The power was turned off and the new earthquake countdown system was played on the stage. The LAFD sent one fire truck and one ambulance. Select students from each emergency line were assigned to pretend to be injured and were brought over to a tarp for medical attention. One student even rode in one of the ambulances that came to the school with Ingatczyk.