Deckers joins Advancement Office


Juliet Suess

By Sandra Koretz ’22
Melissa Deckers joined the Advancement Department as the Assistant Director of Annual Giving. She helps with fundraising efforts to help support the faculty and various school programs.
Deckers grew up in Southern California, and her sister, Sarah Deckers, graduated from the school in 2000. Melissa Deckers played soccer at the University of San Diego and she received her Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco. Outside of school, Deckers enjoys keeping active by performing various activities such as yoga and running. She also enjoys reading and her favorite book series, the “Harry Potter” books.
Deckers said she enjoys the school because of its feeling of closeness.
“So far, one of my favorite things is the community. It’s a big family, and everyone is supportive, from the staff to the faculty to the students. Everyone seems to have smiles on their faces all the time. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming,” Deckers said.
Deckers’s colleagues described what it is like to have her in the office.
“She is a great addition to our department… She is also extremely positive, friendly, nice and smart. She brings a lot of great energy to our department,” Advancement Administer Marla Schlom P ’07 & ’09 said.
Deckers said that she respects how hard all of the students work.
“You guys have a very vigorous schedule and put in a lot of hours between community service on top of school and extracurricular activities, and I find that rather amazing that you guys are able to juggle that and still have a social life hopefully and have fun. I think that’s really neat and special,” Deckers said.