Seventh graders showcase costumes

By Keira Jameson ’22
Visual Arts 7 students created and presented their own Halloween costumes at All School Assembly on Oct. 30. The students worked almost half of the quarter to make their costumes out of cardboard, feathers, and other crafting materials.
Visual Arts teacher Claire Cochran ‘06, was proud of the results.
“The kids are creating so many amazing costumes. I am so proud of the work that they have done in so little time,” Cochran said.
During the show, the crowd was cheering. Each student showed off their personally designed costume on stage as their classmates cheered them on.
Students posed alone or with a friend in front of a live camera which projected the feed onto a screen for the whole school to see. All walked with smiles and their costumes were colorful and detailed.
“I thought it was cool to experiment with all of the geometric shapes when we made our masks.” Raisa Effress, ‘23 said.