Book Bistro discusses All-community Read by Woodson

Juliet Suess

By Mia Feizbakhsh ’22
Book Bistro discussed the All Community Read,  “Brown Girl Dreaming” by Jacqueline Woodson during break on Oct. 18.  Woodson spoke as the keynote speaker at the school’s second annual poetry festival in 2015.  Her book is about her experiences growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, and it addresses the racism, sexism and inequalities she faced as she grew up in South Carolina and eventually New York.

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Mohona Ganguly ’21 and Sophie Johnson ’21 talk about the All-Community Read in the Munger Library.

Club members discussed their views about Woodson’s experiences and their poetical meanings.  The club discussed not only the book but also the concept of poetry and how Woodson’s writing style affected reader’s perception of the book.  Members of the club agreed that the book also reflects on people’s assumptions of the author and how she views herself, as well as the way in which these ideas affect her world views.
Librarian, Elaine Levia, also spoke about the concept of abstract imagery.  “Poetry isn’t always about what the author says it is; poetry is for you to come to your own conclusion about the meaning of its words,” Levia said.