Seventh grade senators elected

Juliet Suess

By Caroline Jacoby ’22
Natalie Cosgrove ’23, Charlie Pan ’23, Claire Paul ’23 and Will Sherwood ’23, the new seventh grade senators, were elected by the class of 2023 to represent their grade on Nov. 1.
The 27 candidates went through an election process that included giving speeches to their grade on Oct. 30. They completed an election packet, which contained information about Student Council, and also answered questions about themselves and explained what they would do for the student body. Then, the candidates gave speeches about their ideas and the work they hoped to accomplish as senators. Afterwards, voting began, and the four students were selected by their peers.
The new senators discussed how they think student representatives can be an important and helpful tool for the school community.
“I think Student Council […] gives us the opportunity to have a voice and make sure everyone else has voices heard,” Paul said.
Seventh grade dean Kate Benton said she agreed that Student Council and this election process are valuable for the student body as well.
“I think the Student Council is beneficial for students because one, it provides leadership opportunity; two, I think it helps reinforce the Honor Code by holding those representatives to higher expectations because they have to lead by example; three, it gets students involved in big decisions that affect their daily lives,” Benton said.
Additionally, the seventh grade senators said they look forward to being on Student Council and explained their reasons for running.
“My siblings inspired me to be on Student Council. When I saw how happy they were making a difference in the school and community, I thought that it would be an amazing opportunity for me to meet new people and help the school with new ideas,” Cosgrove said.

bw Sherwood, William Richard
Will Sherwood ’23

bw Paul, Claire Elizabeth
Claire Paul ’23

bw Pan, Junsong
Charlie Pan ’23

bw Cosgrove, Natalie Elizabeth
Natalie Cosgrove ’23