Parents attend Back to School Day

Juliet Suess

By Caroline Jacoby ’22
Parents attending Back-to-School Day followed their children’s schedules in order to meet the teachers on Sept. 16.
The day began with a reception where parents could chat, eat or meet deans and other faculty and staff members. At 9:20 a.m., parents visited their children’s first period class. Like a normal school schedule, there was a five minute passing period, except each class was 10 minutes long. Classes were dismissed at 11:30 a.m, at which time parents met the deans or advisors for their children’s grade.
Many parents and faculty members said that Back-to-School Day is about more than following a schedule and sitting in students’ classes all day.
“It is a wonderful opportunity for the community as a whole to have a function that’s outside of a school thing […] and I think Back-to-School Day is just perfect,” Middle School Attendance and Health Coordinator Brenda Simon said.
Simon organized the event’s student volunteers and said she thinks that the event is an important opportunity for parents to see what their children do at school. She also explained how the 50 students volunteering have a chance to collaborate with the parents and teachers, and that it is nice for parents to see children helping on campus.
Several parents expressed appreciation for the event as well.
“[I’ve] already heard some really funny stories that our son has told us about his new teachers, so [I] want to talk to them and get to know them really well,” Christopher Mesa P ’23 said.