Lieberman returns full time

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Lieberman poses at his desk.

By Mohona Ganguly ’21
Eli Lieberman has joined the middle school faculty as a new math teacher, teaching Geometry and Algebra I classes. Lieberman has been a part of the middle school math department since Nov. of 2016, serving as a substitute for Algebra and Geometry teacher Regan Galvan while she was on maternity leave. Before coming to the Middle School, Lieberman taught at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies. Lieberman said that he decided to become a math teacher because of his 11th grade Algebra II teacher.
“Before I was in her class, I didn’t understand anything. But,as soon as I had had her class, everything made perfect sense. It was so enjoyable to me, to understand what was going on. So, I want to share that,” Lieberman said.
In his free time, Lieberman enjoys dancing, karaoke, playing guitar and listening to the radio.
Lieberman said that his favorite aspect of teaching is being with his students.
“I love working with kids. I love being able to joke around with kids. And, I love being able to share math, and to watch a student grow,” Lieberman said.
Lieberman offered advice for middle school students.
“Never stop trying. In life, you’re not going to be able to get to do what you want to do on the very first try. That doesn’t mean you’re bad, that means you didn’t get it the first time. If you’re persistent, and mindful of what you’re doing, then you can do anything. Just, don’t give up,” Lieberman said.