Annual Washington trip to take place

Juliet Suess

By Jordan Murray ’20

Seventh grade students will leave for their annual Washington trip on Saturday. The leader of the trip is history teacher George Gaskin, and he will be accompanied by five teacher chaperones.
“We thought when we made the seventh grade course, American History and Government, that there should be a trip to D.C. We wanted the kids to see the government in action,” Gaskin said.
The history department wanted students to have the opportunity to see national monuments and historic places that they would learn about in class.
“We want it to be an educational trip, but a fun trip as well”, Gaskin said.
Participants will visit places such as Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery and other monuments around the National Mall. Students on the trip will also have a tour through the Capitol Building and a private meeting with Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.
This trip was offered to all seventh grade students. Students said that they are excited to attend and see the monuments that they have been studying in class.
“I am looking forward to going to all the different sites and learning more about them,” Olivia Sparks ’22 said.