Robotics teams travel to compete


Coco Kaleel’20, Jenna Kronenberg’20, Justin Ansell’20, and Dean Reiter’20 watch their robot compete. Printed with permission of Coco Kaleel’20

By Noah Aire’20

On Jan. 13, the middle school robotics team participated in a tournament in Bakersfield. After the eight hour tournament, team “A Vex Odyssey” placed 33rd, team “TNTech” placed 29th and team “IronGiants” placed 8th overall. The other two wolverine teams were able to qualify for the upcoming VEX tournament on Feb. 11. Each team has said that they are looking forward to the next tournament. Coco Kaleel ‘20 said that this tournament was a learning process and an improvement from the last one.
“I think we did well, we definitely improved from last tournament. We were able to make it past the qualification rounds and into the finals, which was a lot of fun. We definitely learned a lot,” Kaleel said.
Jenna Kronenberg ’20, a member from the “IronGiants”, shared some thoughts on the whole process.
“I think that we can definitely do better once we do well enough in the beginning rounds, continue our stride and improve our robot,” Kronenberg said. “We have a good group of people who come every week.”
Robotics teacher and STEAM Room Coordinator Juan Colin was confident in the team’s building ability and is looking forward to future tournaments. For some, the tournament was a first glimpse into the robotics world. Member of the “TNTech” Tyler Kim ‘20 said that that he enjoyed his first tournament.
“[The turnout] was not what we would have hoped, but it was fun as it was my first tournament and I think that we did really well. A lot of the … teams were able to collaborate when we were faced with an issue. This was not only a building process for me, but a teaching process as well,” Kim said.
The robotics team has dedicated numerous hours to their craft. Their improvement was evident in their placings for the VEX tournament in Simi Valley. The highest placing team was “TNTech”s which placed 15th. The school were unable to advance to the quarter-finals, but will still attend the VEX tournament in Northridge on Feb. 17.