Wong has second son


Juliet Suess

By Joanna Im ’20

Wong’s two sons smile for a picture. Printed with permission of Christopher Wong.

Middle School Choral Accompanist Christopher Wong and his wife welcomed their second son, Jude Wong, on Jan. 4. Jude was born at 3:24 a.m. at Westfield Hospital. Wong said that he and his wife put a lot of thought into naming their second child, and made sure to refer to their ancestry when choosing the name.
“We named him after my mother-in-law, whose name is Judy. In order to match his gender, it is Jude, which is the male counterpart,” Wong said.
Because of this new addition to his household, Wong went on paternity leave for two weeks to take care of his family. Wong expressed relief that Jude is getting along with his older brother and joked about his older son’s jealousy for attention.
“My older son is three, and he’s having some complicated emotions about the whole thing. He thinks it’s kind of neat on one level, but he also feels sad that he’s not the only one anymore, so that’s definitely a challenge. But I do think that this is a good way for him to learn to kind of grow up,” Wong said.
Wong returned to school on Jan. 18, and said he has no worries about leaving Jude at home.
“My wife will still be home for a while to take care of him, so I’m not worried, and I’m kind of excited to be back at school and teaching. I missed my students while I was gone, so I’m happy to see them again,” Wong said.