Pak returns to school


Kyong Pak Credit: Nathanson’s

Juliet Suess

By: Sarah Reiff ’20

Middle school history teacher Kyong Pak returned to school from her maternity leave on Nov. 28th. After missing the first few months of school, Pak said she is happy and excited to be back on campus.
“I’m excited to see my students again, meet my new students, see my former students and of course go back to the history office and get to hang out and talk with my colleagues,” Pak said.
Pak also said she is eager to be back in the flow of the Middle School.
“I missed the energy of the school day; every day something unexpected happens and I miss that. Being on maternity leave, your days are very repetitive, so it’s nice to kind of be back with this energy of the school,” Pak said.
Pak’s students are also excited to have her back on campus
“She is a great teacher and I really like the way that Ms. Pak teaches and how she’s really good at explaining to us the material in a way that also makes class fun and enjoyable. I’m really excited for history now that she’s back,” Iris Huang, ‘21 said.