Tromello departs school

Juliet Suess

By Luke Schneider ’20

Strength and Conditioning Instructor Michael Tromello left the school at the end of September, after eight years with the school.
Tromello was involved with nine different sports teams. He created a vertically-integrated strength program for middle school students, allowing them to build a technical weightlifting base early on that they can then expand upon as they grow older.
He also published a book on strength and conditioning, covering how to make young athletes stronger and how strength training can boost their self-confidence.
Tromello left the school in order to spend more of his time running his Crossfit gym, Precision Crossfit. At his gym, he has coached seven athletes to the national level in weightlifting.
“I can’t wait to head into Precision more in the mornings,” Tromello said on his gym’s blog.
One of the things Tromello said he is most proud of are his relationships with his students.
“My favorite part of being a Strength and Conditioning Instructor is building a relationship with the [students] and coaches, and seeing a group of kids come in the seventh grade and then watching them progress and graduate six years later,” Tromello said.
“Tromello is a great coach who really wants [his students] to succeed,” Erik Anderson ‘20 said.