Fife begins work

Juliet Suess

By Spencer Klink ’20

Debate coach Travis Fife has become a new faculty member in the Middle School Communications Department, teaching a section of the debate course. In addition to his teaching duties, some of Fife’s responsibilities include attending weekend debate tournaments and lecturing during after school debate practices.
Fife also coaches for the debate team at the Upper School on Thursdays. He spends the majority of his time working with the Lincoln-Douglas debate team, which is a format where students debate each other one on one. Fife said his favorite part about being a teacher and coach is working with students.
“What has caught me off guard in a good way is the dedication [students have] to debate. I have never met people who are so young and so driven to succeed,” Fife said.
Prior to becoming a member of staff, Fife was a high school debater at Keller High School in Texas. Following that, Fife majored in philosophy at UCLA.
“My experience at UCLA showed me that the skills someone learns from debate are very portable,” Fife said.
Students have said they enjoy working with Fife and look forward to continue learning from him.
“I think his debate class is important because it teaches the fundamentals of debate and how to argue, which can help [students] to stand up for what [they] believe in,” Athalia Meron ’21, a member of the debate team and a student in Fife’s class, said.