Chen becomes new Chinese teacher


Juliet Suess

By Caitlin Chung ’20


Chen sits at her desk preparing for her next lesson. Credit: Caitlin Chung ’20

Chen Chen has stepped in to teach Chinese classes this year at the Middle School. A native from southern China, Chen will be teaching levels IA, IB, I, and II courses.
Chen moved from China to the United States in 2010 to pursue her master’s degree at Vanderbilt University. She previously taught Chinese at the Austin Trinity Episcopal School. Prior to that, she established the Chinese program at the Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia.
Chen said that she is already enjoying the teaching environment at the Middle School and that she is excited about her career here.
“I am enjoying teaching at Harvard-Westlake. [There are a lot of] motivated and diligent students, supportive administrators and parents, as well as helpful colleagues,” Chen said.
Chen is also setting more goals for her students as an increasing number of middle schoolers  are enrolling in the Chinese courses.
“I wish I could establish a solid foundation for my beginner students, develop their good learning habits, motivations, passions and help them become lifelong learners of this language,” Chen said.
Fellow Chinese teacher Kun Li also said Chen is settling to the school community.
“She is very impressed with the students in our school and is very excited about this Chinese team,” Li said.
Eric Shaw ’20, a student of Chen’s, said that he is really enjoying her teaching style and is excited to continue his Chinese study with her as his teacher.
“She has a very effective teaching style. She encourages competitiveness among her students through [fun activities] like games during class. She’s also strict but not so to instill fear in her students. Instead it helps me be motivated and be on top of things,” Shaw said.