Ras is involved in stuco.


Ras plans student council meeting. Will Mallory ’20/Spectrum

Juliet Suess

By: Will Mallory ’20
Science teacher and Debate Team Leader Alex Ras has recently taken up an advisor position in Student Council. This is her first year involved with Student Council, which is something she said she always wanted to be a part of.
“There’s something special about watching students turn into leaders. I’m really excited to be a part of such a special program,” Ras said.
Ras is also a seventh grade science teacher and a co-leader of STEAMbassadors. She said she has always had a passion for science. In addition, Ras is the head of the debate teaching team and teaches eighth grade debate. She said she decided to take the leadership position because she wanted to try something new that was out of her comfort zone.
“It is a new experience for me, that’s for sure. But I look forward to working with these young role models to try to make this school a better place,” Ras said.
After the seventh grade election, Student Council will consist of two girls and two boys from each grade. Ras’s current representatives said they appreciate the dedication and work she has put into their meetings thus far.
“I’ve been really impressed with her organization. She is always prepared and focused on the topic on hand,” ninth grade Senator Grace Burton ‘20 said.
Ras also teaches the Student Leadership class, which is mandatory for new senators. Leadership is a full year class, although it only meets every other day. The class’s purpose is to educate students to become young leaders and role models by generating real-life activities and examples.
Ras said she is excited for the year ahead and looks forward to continue working with the representatives.