Strong steps in as history teacher

Strong teaches class Credits: Laura Kors 21

Strong teaches class Credits: Laura Kors ’21

Juliet Suess

By: Laura Kors ’21
Rebecca Strong has stepped in to teach Kyong Pak’s seventh and eighth grade history classes while Pak is on maternity leave.
Strong has taught for 14 years at Marymount, Campbell Hall, UCLA and LMU. Previously, she mainly taught ninth and tenth graders, but after teaching at the Middle School she has discovered that she enjoys teaching seventh and eighth graders.
“Part of the reason that I really like it here is that there are a lot of very, very motivated students, and they’re also really nice,” Strong said.
Strong said she admires that her students are grateful and eager to learn. She loves seeing her middle school students light up when they learn something new and interesting.
Her colleges say she has become an active part of the community.
“Not only has she come in and taken over Ms. Pak’s classes, but she has also contributed greatly to the department. She’s helped design projects for the seventh grade class. She has been working very hard to get to know the children and the life of the school,” history teacher Rosemary van Vlijmen said.
Strong is also a member of the Middle School Gardening Club.
“I have grown everything. I grow tomatoes and really hot peppers, like habaneros, and herbs like mint and rosemary and I have a whole bunch of succulents,” she said.
Strong enjoys reading, and her favorite book is “Lord of the Rings.” Strong said she always likes to learn new facts about different times in history, and right now she is very interested in the 19th century because of the Industrial Revolution and growth of women’s rights.
Strong’s students seem to enjoy her class.
“Dr. Strong certainly has a lot of fun in her class and I like that about her,” Martin Kriksciun ‘21 said.