Check Your Watch: ‘Midnights’, ‘The Loneliest Time’

Taylor Swift’s new release is a roller coaster ride, Carly Rae Jepsen’s is acoustically distinguished

Iris Chung

Opinion by Camryn Banafsheha ’27

As we entered the month of October, many of our calendars were marked with launch dates for our (potentially) new favorite albums. We eagerly anticipated the instant that the chaos of life would momentarily settle, just for us to hear a brand new collection of songs in its entirety. For the first time.

Music is one of the only things that has the power to connect people at any distance. I find it fascinating that when an album drops, millions of people are united as they read through the lyrics in synchrony, each fan on their own living room couch. Across the entire globe, within thousands of homes, the same collection of songs are blasting at the exact same hour. There’s nothing else like it. Let’s dive into the most popular music that was released this month. The albums that soared to the top of the charts and left a lasting imprint on our minds and an impact in our lives.

“Midnights” by Taylor Swift was released on Oct. 21, at midnight. It is a pop album that depicts various poetic tones and emotions through its intentional lyrics. It was initially set to contain 13 songs, but 3 hours after its release, Swift surprised her audience by adding seven bonus tracks, calling it, “Midnights (3am edition)”.

Swift’s main collaborator in this project is songwriter and producer Jack Antonoff. Credits are handed out to singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey and actor Dylan O’Brien, as well.

The songs, although extremely different from one another, form a cohesive storyline that takes you through a roller coaster of experiences.

Even if you are not a fan of Swift, I don’t think that you will regret listening to this album. The variety of styles within the 20-track record almost guarantees that you will find something you love.

On Oct. 21, Carly Rae Jepsen released “The Loneliest Time”, a 16-track pop album with a modern disco and ’80s feel.

Jepsen’s voice is very distinct. Her tone adds character to the words she sings, and makes each song more layered. It is interesting to listen to the imagery that she implements within the lyrics. All together, Jepsen really brings her emotions to life through music.

Jepsen collaborated with singer-songwriter and composer Rufus Wainwright on the title track called, “The Loneliest Time”. They wrote and performed the piece together, and gifted the fans with a music video to follow.

Overall, I recommend listening to Jepsen’s album. It is not often that you find an album as acoustically distinguished as this.

Oct. 21 brought two albums that hold special qualities and melodies. Looking into November, there is plenty of new music in store from artists such as Drake, Bruce Springsteen, and Louis Tomlinson. The cycle of music continues once again, as we mark our calendars in anticipation.