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Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

The late Lakers player Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball player
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Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna on postage stamp
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Opinion By Camryn Banafsheha ’27

Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball player, for his intelligence went beyond the court. His wisdom continues to inspire people across the globe, three years after his passing.

I remember January 26, 2020 somewhat clearly. I recall the commotion and grief that poured over the entire city within seconds. I saw the tragic news appear on each person’s phone, the shock arriving on their faces. I witnessed many people feel as though they had lost a close family member, even those who had only seen him afar from the stands of the Staples Center. It was fascinating to see how many lives he had touched, and to watch the whole community experience his loss together.

However, despite the sadness, I was confused. At the time, his name made me think of the Lakers and basketball. He reminded me of my brother and dad’s shouts that echoed through the house as they celebrated his winning shot. Other than that, I didn’t know who he was. Yet.

About two years later, I sat in the car listening to KOST 103.5 on FM radio when a clip from one of his interviews began to play. He was breaking down his mindset, thought process, and his firmness in accomplishing every goal he strived for despite the challenges that presented themselves along the way. The intention and motivation within his speech caught my attention, and it stayed with me. Just a week later, I saw his words plastered on a wall in the Los Angeles streets. It read, “We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it, but you also don’t capitulate to it. You embrace it.”

I took it as a sign that I needed to figure out more. Immediately, I began researching: watching interviews, hearing the speeches from his teammates, competitors, and loved ones at his memorial, and reading through his endless quotes. I couldn’t believe it.

Who once was talented number 24 instantly became a figure in my life, someone who I looked up to. Even though two years had passed, I suddenly realized why the whole world paused at the news of his death. I finally understood why so many others felt as though he was a friend and mentor to them. It all started to make sense.

In that moment, I found that through his words, his intentions, he was able to share a message of dedication and strength, powerful enough to inspire people for generations of the past, present, and future. It was a mesmerizing discovery.

His words have stuck with me ever since, showing me that Kobe Bryant was truly much more than a sports legend. He is someone who has shown me the value of hard work, the rewards that come from determination, and the importance of making the most of each moment. His legacy will remain strong in my mind, and I know that he will continue to impact the world – not just because of his captivating talent on the court, but because of his rare work ethic, his kind heart, and his ability to truly bring people together.

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Camryn Banafsheha ’27 is a first year Spectrum reporter. She enjoys interviewing people, and she truly loves to write as a part of the journalism team. She started off writing as a hobby and loves to write formally for school. She writes the weekly Wolverweek, which gives an overview of the week’s events, athletics, and some funny fails from students. Banafsheha plans on joining the Chronicle at the upper school and to continue pursuing her passion for journalism. 
“I just love to write. It’s a great way for me to express myself, and I feel like it’s always been something I’ve been able to do.”
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