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Captain Marvel Review

“Captain Marvel” hit theaters March 8 and was a slow but important installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Captain Marvel is the first female in the MCU to get her own standalone movie despite other female superheroes being part of the franchise. This movie is the penultimate installment in the MCU before the final culmination of all the films comes to an end in “Avengers: Endgame.”

“Captain Marvel” takes place in the 1990s and is centered around Carol Danvers, an alien warrior who is caught in a fight between her people, the Kree and their ultimate enemy, the Skrulls. As she crash lands on Earth, she begins to get memories of a past life she lived as a United States air force pilot. With the help of fan favorite characters, Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, she discovers more superpowers and continues to fight the Skrulls on Earth.

The movie spends a lot of time in the beginning laying the foundations of the Kree society and other details that become relevant later in the film, leaving the audience just waiting for the movie to start for about 30 minutes. Once the film starts to get into the action, the special effects capture the audience with radiant light beams and laser blasts that immerse the viewer into each scene.

After a few scenes of fighting, the movie introduces Nick Fury with his many witty comments. The movie now shifts to Danvers and Fury and their attempts to discover more about the Skrulls and Danvers’ past life on Earth. The frequent exchanges between the two lead to many humorous discussions that make the movie a more enjoyable experience.

However, this movie was the first Marvel movie in a while to face heavy criticism from the fanbase upon arrival, including many gender based biases. Many viewers felt that the movie was very bland at times and that the representation of Captain Marvel was shallow and only used a a setup for “Avengers: Endgame.” Personally I believe that the movie was made to be a origin film, and was meant to set up the new Avengers movie. Viewers that came in looking for a movie with multiple layers and non-stop action should have known that coming in and should not have been surprised with the final outcome of the movie.

“The only important part in the movie was the end credits scene which sets up the next Avengers movie. Besides that it was really unentertaining and boring,” Tosa Odiase ‘22 said.

Overall, the main goal of the movie was to be an origin story that exclusively gives an overview of how the superheroes got their powers. It was fun to watch once I lowered my expectations to fit the origin story style of the movie. This movie is definitely a mustwatch for any die hard Marvel fans and for other viewers it can be an enjoyable experience if you can get through the beginning scenes.

“As a pretty big Marvel fan, I enjoyed getting to learn a lot about Captain Marvel’s powers and how she is going to play a role in the new Avengers movie,” Anthony Holly ’22 said.

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