Eighth grade girls basketball team starts of the season strong

Quincey Dern

The Harvard-Westlake (HW) eighth grade girls’ won against Oaks Christian with a score of 37 to 26. They played their second game of the season at home against Oaks Christian last Wednesday. So far, the basketball team is undefeated. They played their first game at Brentwood School Dec. 5 and won 40-21. The starters against Oaks Christian were Stella Wasserman, Ryan Castanon-Hill, Annie Knobloch, Casey Landecker and Jealah Taylor. The starting line-up moved with purpose, played with skill and handled the ball with strength. After the first quarter ended, HW had five points and Oaks Christian had three. During the second quarter, the already entertaining game picked up speed as the girls were running up and down the court. Castodon-Hill stole the ball from Oaks Christian and made a break for the other basket, gaining two more points for HW. The teams were very well matched and it was almost became a back-and-forth game; however, HW always remained at least one point ahead. The score was HW 12 – Oaks Christian 11, at halftime. Before heading back onto the court, the girls huddled and ended it with the cheer “work hard!”. HW executed their play “power” with focus and determination. The third quarter ended with Harvard-Westlake at 20 points and Oaks Christian at 15 points. Then, during the final quarter, the HW girls were making baskets left and right. Both Natalia Johnson and Castanon-Hill scored three-pointers. The game ended with Harvard-Westlake 11 points ahead. The season is looking up for our eighth grade girls!