Wood appointed boys’ golf head

Alex Mogollon

Scott Wood, current middle school football coach was hired as the new head of the boys golf program. Wood’s hiring follows coach resignation of former coach Tony Kewal after seven successful years, ending his HW time with a record of 65-25.

Wood previously coached the boys golf team from 2002-2011 and led the team to back-to-back Northern division championships, and was named 2005 Coach of the Year by LA Daily News after his consecutive wins. His coaching skills with the middle school football team also boast a prestigious record, having led them to the championship in all of the past four years, winning two.

“I am very excited for Coach Wood in his new position. He deserves this and I really enjoyed working with him as my coach on the football team,” Ben Webber ‘22 said.

His teaching and coaching style has been commended by multiple athletes, students, and coaches including this quote from Terry Barnum,

“Scott Wood is an alumnus of our school who understands our culture and our history,” athletic director Terry Barnum said. “He has a tremendous gift when it comes to coaching young people. Our golf program had its highest level of achievement under his leadership and we look forward to him returning our program to among the Southern California elite.”

Coach Wood has yet to start tryouts for next year’s golf team but is very excited to start his time here again. In a final quote to me he said,

“In no order I feel excited, unorganized and settled all at once,” Wood said. “Excited to come back to a program that I have played for and coached since my time as a student at Harvard. I am grateful to be back where I am loved and respected and a part of a group of mentors (teachers and coaches) that really cares about the kids and for that I am so lucky…”