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Varsity Profiles

Compiled by Ben Webber ’22 and Maxine Zuriff ’22

Katie Kennedy – Girls Golf

Katie Kennedy ’21

Why/When did you start playing your sport?
“I started playing golf when I was about 11, and I started because I thought it would be fun.”
How often do you practice?
“Three days a week with the team and two days on the weekend by myself.”
How do you prepare for a big game?
“Knowing that I am prepared. Hydrate. Listen to music. Laughing with my team to ease the nerves.”
Do you have any advice for any future varsity players?
“Make sure you are 100% ready to commit and know that it’s going to be hard work but it pays off.

Natalia Quintero- Cross Country

Natalia Quintero ’21

What is your favorite moment of this season?
“During the summer, the cross country team went to Big Bear. I think that this was super important because you bonded with so many of the runners on the team and got to know everyone who you would spend the entire season with. This was also so much fun to do because we went on runs with our teammates and also did a lot of team bonding. This is definitely one of many of my favorite memories so far.”
What is your favorite part of running with Varsity?
“My favorite part of playing Varsity is that you can always improve because there is so much competition. Whenever there is a workout, there is always another teammate in front of me which really motivates me to run faster. This helps me so much and makes me get faster times in races.”
Do you any advice for any future varsity players?
“I think consistency and repetition is very important. You have to get yourself fully engaged in cross country, meaning that you should run as much as you could. Making yourself familiar with the splits or the tempos and consistency of running everyday will help you excel. I also strongly recommend starting to train in the middle of the summer so that you are already in shape by the time of the first meet.”

Natalie Barnouw – Field Hockey

Natalie Barnouw ’21

What is your favorite part of playing Varsity?
“I’d say that my favorite part of playing Varsity is playing with such experienced and talented players. The speed at which the game is played has increased greatly. Players are smarter because of how long they’ve been playing. The level of physicality increases. Playing in this kind of environment helps me grow and develop much more as a player.”
How often do you practice?
“We practice five days a week. Practices usually go from around 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we also have weight lifting before field practice.”
How do you balance school and your sport?
“I try to get as much homework done before I have practice so I don’t have to stay up late finishing it. Making use of my free periods and bus rides to and from practices/home helps me get a lot of homework done so I don’t have to do as much after practice.”
Do you any advice for any future varsity players?
“I’d tell future varsity plays to get to know their teammates, manage school and their sport, and get enough sleep! Knowing your teammates makes the sport so much more enjoyable, and you can learn a great deal from them. Most of them have gone through ninth grade at Harvard-Westlake while playing a sport, and can help guide you through the school year. Additionally, it is important to also learn how to use your time effectively to finish homework quickly, so you’re not stuck doing it late at night. Getting enough sleep also goes with that, because if you do your homework efficiently, then you can get a good night’s sleep. I believe sleep is the most important of all, because without enough sleep you might not be able to learn, study and perform in your sport as well with a lack of sleep.”

Charlie Wang- Football 

Charlie Wang ’21

Why/When did you start playing football?
“I started playing tackle football in seventh grade because I had always liked playing flag football and wanted to try out tackle.”
What is your favorite moment of this season?
“My favorite moment of this season is probably when we beat St. Paul on the road.”
What is your favorite part of playing on the varsity team?
“Playing varsity is really fun, since all the upperclassmen are really funny and nice to us, so it’s cool to get to know them, and it’s cool to know that you are playing varsity high school football. The competition is much better, but I think it makes us all a lot better.”
How often do you practice?
“We practice with pads during the school year on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, we have a light walkthrough, and on Thursday, we have a more up-tempo walkthrough. Then, sometimes on Saturday mornings’ after the game, we lift and watch film.”
How do you balance school and your sport?
“I’m still not that great at this yet. But usually when I get home, I’m pretty tired, so I try to get all my homework done at school during my frees. So when I get home, I have less to do.”

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