Class of 2022 to have AP limits, unweighted GPAs

Juliet Suess

By Tessa Augsberger ’22 and Maddie Morrison ’22
Starting with the class of 2022, future classes will be limited in the number of Advanced Placement courses they can take at the Upper School. Also, GPA weighting for AP and honors courses will be removed. The updated policy states that sophomores may take no more than two AP courses, juniors can take up to three and seniors can take up to four.
Members of the class of ’22 appear to be in favor of the policy change.
“I feel like now people might not feel as obliged to take as many AP [courses] just to get the credit, but for some people who want to take a lot of AP [courses] they might be held back. We can’t do as much as we could have. People who want to take six AP [courses] they can’t do that anymore,” Peter Shen ‘22 said.
Shen said that he would not remove the new  restrictions if he was able to.
Upper School Dean Department Head Beth Slattery, who was involved in the policy’s creation spoke about the reasoning behind the decision, “I think the AP limit will encourage students to make more authentic choices about their curriculum, therefore creating more happiness and balance in students’ lives, which is a primary vision for our school,” Slattery said in an email.
According to Slattery, the new policy also focuses on an increased sense of wellness in the student body.