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“Frozen 2” Review


If you are anything between the 3rd grader who was Elsa for Halloween this year or just a kid who loved “Frozen” when they were nine, I’ve got some pretty good news for you- “Frozen 2” has come out.

Many of the students at Harvard-Westlake (HW) were around 9 to twelve years old when the modern fairytale “Frozen” came out in theaters. Its popularity spread quickly, grossing about $1.29 billion in the box office, which was more than any animated film ever had. Whether it was the cheesy (but epic) music numbers, the heartwarming story, or the magic of the film, there was something about the production that made millions of people fall in love with the fairytale. All this being said, you can imagine the anticipation and pressure on the release of the sequel: “Frozen 2” .

The basic storyline of the sequel is that nearby Elsa and Anna’s kingdom, Arendelle, there is an enchanted forest full of spirits of humans that have been cursed and covered in fog. When the spirits start to attack Arendelle, Elsa sets out on a quest to find out why they’re doing this.

The movie was engaging, interesting, funny and magical. Overall, this movie is the kind that leaves you smiling. Of course, it’s a kids’ film, so it won’t have your mind in knots afterwards thinking about it, or plague your dreams after watching. I suggest this movie for a light, fun, guilty pleasure to laugh at and enjoy with some friends.

The best character by far is Elsa, Anna’s sister and queen of Arendelle, who has the power to create and control ice. In this movie Elsa was nothing short of epic. I may not be a little girl watching this movie, but I can imagine how cool she seems. Disney made Elsa with this desire for adventure and risk, her unconventional and a cool role model for young girls watching because it sends the message that you don’t always have to be satisfied and to never stop following your heart. Cheesy, yes, but hardly anything seems cheesy to nine year-old girls who just want to make ice with their hands. Fairytale characters always seem to end up completely satisfied, and it was refreshingly different to see a character who always wants to explore and not be tied down.

The other returning characters, like Anna, Olaf and Kristoff, were all believable and consistent with their “Frozen” selves. I particularly liked Kristoff’s character; he’s the sweetest, most likable and most real character of all.

Anna’s character, on the other hand, seemed a tad forced to me. She goes through quite a few emotions throughout the movie, but I never really cared or felt affected by them. Perhaps it’s because everyone else in the movie seemed to have one definitive character trait and style that made them them, while Anna was just kind of there to react to the situation or ask the question that needs to be asked. I felt she was more of a plot device rather than a character to care about.

The original “Frozen” is very much known for its adored music and musical numbers. While “Frozen 2” had a lot of music, most of it was… just okay. The songs weren’t bad, and the execution of them was just as fun and/or epic- but the actual music was a bit of a disappointment. Even if you’ve heard “Let it Go” or “How to Build A Snowman” a thousand times and are sick of them, there’s no arguing they aren’t catchy. As for “Frozen 2,” I couldn’t really remember any songs after I left the theater, nor did any of them have the same captivation or emotion that could be felt from “Frozen” songs.

A really cool and specific thing that this movie had was the ability to be enjoyed by a huge variation of people. Whether it’s the parents that have to take their kids, the kids, their siblings, or just immature teens who like cheesy light movies- it’s not hard to find something to enjoy in this movie. Fans of “Frozen” will particularly enjoy the several throwback references to the first movie.

The realism and detail of the film were incredible. Watching the movie feels like being inside their world- everything is so beautiful and all the colors are so vivid and it adds to the magic of the story. Speaking of the film’s magic, as it was up in the air whether the sequel could capture the same level of magic that “Frozen” triumphed- I’d say it did. The film, even when lacking in other spaces, felt just as magical as the first film, throughout the entire experience.

“Frozen 2” had huge shoes to fill and, though sequels sometimes do, it didn’t disappoint. All in all the film felt a little less epic than the first, but it’s still a fun movie that’s guaranteed to make you smile… at least once.

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