Lily and Grace Tastes: Fry Edition

Lily and Grace Tastes: Fry Edition

Lily Lee

Hi! Lily and Grace are back with more fun food reviews. We went to seven popular fry places and will tell you which ones are worth going to…


The famous fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, was our first stop. We had high expectations going in, as McDonald’s is known for its french fries. Our first impressions of the fries was how thin they are. Grace, as a fat-fry lover, was skeptical. The fries were a satisfactory amount of salty, yet really thin and soft- sometimes to the point of soggy, and a little greasy. The cute packaging did not fail to impress, though. McDonald’s fries have a very distinct taste to them, that Lily enjoyed more than Grace. Lily gave the fries a high 7.5 out of 10, but Grace gave them only a measly 5.

5 Guys

The best part of 5 guys is the environment. Walking into the restaurant is like walking into another world, the red checkered walls hug you in and the smell of burgers cooking surrounds you. Despite the epicness of the setting, we thought the fries were just okay. They were pretty thin, but not as thin as the McDonalds fries, and had a nice amount of a softness inside, potato taste along with being crispy. However, when we received the bag of fries the grease was already seeping through, which was kind of a negative. As expected, the fries were way too greasy. We also thought there was a certain, original taste to the fries that was just not very good. Grace gave these a 6.5/10 and Lily gave them a 5/10.

Nate n’ Als

When visiting this fun diner, the fries are a must have. The key to their fries is the distinct potato fries. The french fries are steak style, and have a good potato taste. They are a little salty, but just the perfect amount. We think this is a must-see and a must-eat place to stop by and eat some fries. Grace gave these fries a whopping 10/10 and Lily gave the fries a 7.5/10. If you want to try them for yourself, Nate n’ Als is a Jewish Deli on Beverly Drive.


These fries were a disappointment. Fatburger is known to have pretty good burgers, so when we saw their fat steaming fries, the prospects seemed good. However, the fast food restaurant somehow managed to make fries completely out of potato and still have hardly any potato taste when eaten. They did have a nice texture, so with a lot of salt and ketchup one might not even notice the blandness of the french fries- however this would be if the establishment actually added salt to their fries. Fatburger didn’t get great reviews, Grace gave it a 5/10 and Lily a 6/10

Chick Fil-A

Everybody seems to be talking about Chick Fil-A, their chicken nuggets and sandwiches have blown up in popularity and it seemed necessary to taste their fries. Chick Fil-A french fries were the only ones we tried which were shaped in a waffle-style. The best part about them was the great potato-taste the fries had, while also maintaining a texture and yummy fry-taste. We really enjoyed the waffle-style fries, but they would’ve been better with a little salt added. Furthermore if you’re a person who loves crispy fries these probably won’t be your favorite because they are pretty soft. One of our favorite places we tried, Lily gave these an 8/10 and Grace gave them a 9/10.

Shake Shack

These fries were very crunchy with a nice crust. The ridges on the side made the texture very tasty and we enjoyed them very much. The fries were pretty potatoey on the inside, but not too much where they got too mushy. They also put a good amount of salt on the fries. They almost tasted like tater tots, but better. Grace and Lily both gave these fries a 7/10.

In n Out

While the famous In n Out has the most amazing burgers, their fries did not impress us at all. The skinny type of fries are not Grace’s favorite, but Lily usually likes those kind of fries. They were kind of salty, but not enough. The fries just can’t live up to their burgers. If there was another choice of fries, we would definitely choose the other option. Lily and Grace both gave low scores with Lily at 4/10 and Grace at 5/10.