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Gemini Man Review


Imagine seeing a younger version of yourself and then being forced to fight them. This is the basic premise of “Gemini Man”, Will Smith’s most recent action movie, which came out Oct. 11, 2019. Playing both of the two major roles (with the help of special effects), Will Smith plays an older retiring agent, as well as the manipulated young son of the villain. While having the potential to be a new innovative action film, this movie fell short.

This movie portrayed a retiring assassin named Henry Brogan is being targeted through a secretive program called Gemini, and through that, a younger version of himself. The younger version of himself, named by his adoptive father “Junior,” has the same DNA as Henry-essentially Junior is Henry’s clone, just a younger version. They soon meet, and they realize they are the same person.

The movie did terribly at the box office with a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. To me, this movie was a “cash grab”- made primarily to get money using the innovative idea intertwined in the plot (the cloning) as a support system.

Even though the idea of a person fighting their younger self sounds interesting, the fighting between Henry and Junior lowered the legitimacy of this film. When viewers see them fighting, it appears cheesy when they realize they look identical as well as having similar fighting styles. This movie did not have enough fantasy aspects for it to be considered in a whole different world, so the cloning and technology aspects of this film seemed very unrealistic.

If you are looking for a good quality action movie, this is not the movie for you. There are no major twists that will shock the audience, and I was bored during most of the film. Once I saw Henry and Junior meet and interact, I could infer the rest of the plot. When watching, I could tell that the movie was trying to get emotion from the audience; but I just did not sense the same feelings that the actors and script were attempting to portray. There are so many amazing action films that came out/are coming out this year, that it is a waste of time to watch Gemini Man.

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