Knott’s Berry Farm

Kara Yoon

“America’s first theme park” or “California’s best theme park,” otherwise known as Knott’s Berry Farm, is an amusement park with a thrill level in between Disneyland and Six Flags. The theme park has an area dedicated to Snoopy, where rides are mostly for younger kids, but the rest of the park has rides that are for people who like roller coasters.

I have gone to Knott’s Berry Farm every winter with my friend for her birthday. The first time I went, I did not enjoy the rides as much, but overtime, I have come to love Knott’s Berry Farm.

Their newest ride is called Hangtime, which has a more than 90 degree drop. It is beach themed and the ride is very smooth and enjoyable. The most exhilarating rides are Hangtime, Xcelerator, Silver Bullet, and Supreme Scream.

The Xcelerator launches riders from the launchway station to a huge, towering drop. It is a steel roller coaster, and the waiting for the ride is the scariest part. The Silver Bullet is a rollercoaster where rider’s feet dangle in the air and has many loops. Since I have been on this ride many times, it’s not as frightening to me. The Supreme Scream is a ride that I had been too afraid to go on for a while because it drops 252 feet. I finally went on it in January, and you go so fast that you can’t even feel your stomach dropping.

My favorite ride at the park is Ghost Rider. It is definitely not as much of a thrill ride as some of the others, but it is a classic wooden roller coaster that has some drops and twists. The Ghost Rider was the first big time roller coaster and I went on it with my dad. I hated it at first. But over time, it has become my favorite ride in the park. I love going on Ghost Rider when it is dark out because right before the drops, you can see the whole park from a different angle.

Another classic to Knott’s Berry Farm is Timber Mountain Log Ride. It is not a very creative name, but the title explains the ride. You first get in a log cart, which is probably slightly wet from the previous riders, and then the ride is like a mini Splash Mountain. Whenever I go on it, I always think that a mini drop the ride includes is the real biggest drop, but it’s not. And it turns out you get more soaked on that drop then on the real big drop!

An interesting concept for a ride is The Pony Express. The ride straps you in from your back, and you are basically sitting on a metal horse. Some people say the ride is not worth the wait, but I think it is. The ride is quite short, and only goes around a bend and back into the launching station, but you go so fast that when we launched off I got tears in my eyes.

Knotts has many aspects to it, from the fun characters, to the calm or exhilarating rides. If you go to Knott’s Berry Farm, you will never forget your visit to “America’s First Theme Park.”