Meet the freshman on varsity field hockey

Mia Feizbakhsh

Meet the three freshman girls on Varsity Field Hockey

Alexa Gisella “Ella” Ganocy ’22:

Ella Ganocy ’22 first started playing field hockey at the end of 7th grade, and immediately enjoyed playing it. On the varsity team, Ella plays defense, but she also loves playing offensively or in the midfield. Being on varsity as a new freshman, Ganocy found the experience a great way to make new friends. Being relatively new to the sport, she looks up to her teammates and others as she improves her skill.

“The older girls inspired me so much. I looked up to them as role models, they are all so amazing, both on the field and off”

Ella Ganocy scored a total of 15 goals this season and had four assists. In order for the defensive player to achieve such results, a normal practice would entail an hour of weightlifting, and an hour and a half of practice on the field, causing her to return to her Calabasas home at around 9 p.m.

“The time commitment is totally worth it because I [have] met so many people and I get to play the sport I love.” Ella Ganocy said.

Sophia Isabella “Bella” Ganocy ’22:

Bella Ganocy ’22 started playing field Hockey with her sister in 7th grade, and has grown to love it since. She has had a season total of eight goals and ten assists in her position as a forward, the position involving attacking, shooting, and making plays. Having played soccer since a young age, field hockey is a rather new addition to her extracurriculars, and Bella Ganocy was thrilled when she’d heard that her team was going into the playoffs, which they proceeded to win. While playing the game and winning is a highlight for the forward and offensive player, her team is what really made the season special.

“My team is amazing and I love them so much. They’re like the greatest people ever and there is such a tight knit bond between all of us” Bella Ganocy said.

Fiene Oerlemans ’22:

Fiene Oerlemans ’22 started playing Field Hockey in the Netherlands when she was young, around 8 years old to be exact, and hasn’t stopped playing since. Her position can vary from right to left midfield, alternating with some of the other girls. Having been on the MS Black team during the 7th and 8th grade seasons, this past fall season was Oerlemans’s first season with varsity, and a pretty good one at that, since the team was able to finish the season undefeated. After winning their championship game, the team posed for a selfie, (an after game tradition) celebrating their 2-1 win.

“I was so happy when we won the championships, I was proud of our team and I [overall] had a great experience my first year on the varsity field hockey team!” Oerlemans said.