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Worth the Hype

Worth the Hype
By Viswa Douglass ’21 and Robert Osborne ’20

Every issue, we will write about two popular subjects and we will find out if it is worth the hype.

3D Movies


3D movies are motion pictures that use two different perspectives to create the illusion of depth. The movie goers wear special glasses, or headwear with a color or shade that is different in the right eye than left. 3D movies have been in some form since 1915, but they did not become popular until the early 2000’s due to the advanced 3D technology that companies like the IMAX Corporation presented.
“In all honesty I don’t really care if a movie is in 3D or not, but if the movie could be not in 3D then I would rather watch it that way,”Alex Chon ‘21 said.
With the huge success of the Blu ray film, some movies have been adapted to be played in 3D in a home entertainment system, as long as the viewers have adapted 3D glasses.
“I would much rather watch a movie that’s not in 3D because [3D Movies] make me dizzy and the glasses are cheap and uncomfortable,” Rhea Madhogaria ‘22 said.
Although 3D movie technology is advancing more, it is starting to take a back seat to the incredibly more personal and advanced virtual reality movies.
“I think that regular movies are the best, but if I were given a choice to watch a movie in 3D or in virtual reality, I would watch it in virtual reality,” Nick Grube ‘21, said.

DJ Khaled


Although the technology is starting to disappear, in an earlier survey sent to the Middle School 63 percent of 274 respondents would give 3D movies a thumbs up. I think that because of the uncomfortable side effects and that 3D movies are more expensive than regular movies 3D movies are NOT worth the hype.
Khaled Mohamed Khaled, better known as DJ Khaled, is a musician, radio personality and creator of “We the Best Music Group.” Prior to the 9/11 attacks, DJ Khaled’s career had jump started under his former name, Arab Attack. He had just started gaining popularity and then had to change his name due to the terrorist attacks. He released his first album in 2006 called “Listennn… the Album,which hit number 12 on the Billboard 200 charts. Seven albums later, he released his album “Major Key” in July 2016. The album managed to reach number one on the billboard 200 charts.
DJ Khaled has also taken over the popular social media app, Snapchat, with 6 million followers. Every day, he uses Snapchat to tell the world exactly what he is doing, planning and thinking, which includes producing a record, palling around with hip-hop star Nas, praising Ciroc vodka or sharing inspirational life lessons.
Some students admire DJ Khaled’s success.
“He’s great, he’s a mogul, he’s a DJ and he produces hits which are very important, and I’m happy for him because he’s all about being real and getting the keys,” Fedor Kirilenko ‘20 said.
Other students like his positive messages such as “we’re the best.”
“I think his inspirational messages are cool because you got to keep up the positivity,” Blane Browning ‘20 said.
In an online survey sent to the Middle School, 53 percent of 266 respondents said that they would give DJ Khaled a thumbs up, and 47 percent said they would give him a thumbs down. DJ Khaled’s messages of positivity and his music make him worth the hype.

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