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She said, She said: Dr. Strange

By: Jordan Murray ’20 and Keila McCabe ’20

Dr. Strange is about a very accomplished doctor named Stephen Strange. His life becomes completely turned around after he gets into a serious car accident in which he injures his hands. His injury is so horrible that he will never be able to perform surgery again. He tries many different procedures to reverse the damage, but none of them are successful.  Because of this he travels to seek a different form of healing. When he arrives he masters and discovers powers he never even dreamed of and defends the world against dark forces.
Opening: The opening of the movie gives us a small view into the main character’s background. It is very straight to the point and gives few details of the character’s life before proceeding into the story. Not much happens toward the beginning, and more of the actual story and action comes toward the middle and end of the movie.
Plot: The plot of the movie is explained really well. Scenes are added along with exchanges between characters that are surprising because of unexpected plot twists, like when Dr. Strange leaves his body and is able to communicate with Christine.
Action: Overall there could have been more action in this movie. The best action scenes are not until the middle/end of the film. For example, there should have been a scene added while Dr. Strange was still studying with The Ancient One, before he had fully mastered his powers.
Visual Effects: The visual effects in this movie are amazing. Every scene is very vivid and lifelike. The scene where Dr. Strange first arrives and meets The Ancient One, uses incredible graphics and animation. It almost looked real.
Rating: 4/5
Opening: The opening is quick and concise, although the non-talking parts by the Asian men are a little confusing. The audience gets a fast, but informative look into Dr. Strange’s mind. However, certain details in the beginning are somewhat irrelevant.
Plot:  The storyline of this movie is very complicated; there are any moving parts, and at times it is a little scrambled. Personally, I enjoyed predicting what would happen throughout the whole plot, but it was still a lot of information to process. There are great twists in the story and the audience was on the edge of their seats until the last scene.
Action: The action in this movie is very well executed. I enjoyed the thrill of the buildup before the real action in the middle/end of the movie that added another layer of excitement. There wasn’t an abundance of action scenes, but I found that to be one of the best parts of the movie. The movie didn’t break out into crazy action just because they could, instead it was enjoyable to see the thought and development of characters throughout the movie.
Visuals Effects:
The visual effects in this movie are out of this world, literally. The effects of the sideways buildings and time portals transport the audience into a whole new world. In addition to that, the animations and graphic effects were done well and seemed realistic. The way the visual effects play with different perceptions and points of view artistically was mind boggling.
Rate: ⅘ stars

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