Yesenia Baez joins bookstore staff

Juliet Suess

by Alisha Sahi ’19
Yesenia Baez is the newest addition to the bookstore staff. She joined in the beginning of January, but prior to her job here, she worked at a retail store, a Sprint network store, and baby sat multiple families. At the Sprint Store, she interacted with customers and guided them in their purchases.
Besides working, in her free time, Yesenia likes to draw different pictures as well as to write as she is fascinated with journalism. In addition, Baez likes to dress up with her friends and do their make-up.
Yesenia is very excited to work an environment
“I am very happy to join this school. I think I joined because of the energy this school has to offer. Everyone is very friendly and say hi to each other in the hallways, along with being very well mannered. I think that all the students and even the staff bring a positive vibe.” Baez said.