Middle School holds Ash Wednesday services

Juliet Suess

by Saba Nia ’19
Middle school students and faculty celebrated Ash Wednesday on Feb. 10 in the Beyer Board Room. According to school chaplain Father J. Young, who led the service, the turnout was slightly higher than average.
Participants enjoyed the event because it allowed them to keep in touch with their faith while on campus.
“I’m Catholic, and I believe that I should be close to God and go to whatever means necessary because I need to show that I love Him,” service attendee Victoria Steckel ’19.
Young particularly looks forward to the service each year because, according to him, it’s one of the few times where he has official duties at the Middle School. He enjoys meeting the middle school students in addition to the service itself.
“I happen to be a person that really likes Lent. I love the seasons in the church that cause us to be reflective and turn inward. So, for that reason, I really like this season and this day being the day that kicks it off,” Young said.