First art show of the year

Juliet Suess

by Samantha Ko’19
Student art from the first semester will be displayed on Thursday from 5-7 p.m. in the Wang Hall gallery.  The showcase will feature artwork created by students in all grades from all art classes, some of which include pottery, clay and glass, technique and expression painting, animation and photography.
“I am excited about the art show because it will be really fun to see everyone’s work that they’ve worked hard on all semester.  I’m interested to see the artwork of the people who aren’t in my class as well as see what they’ve been doing,” Anja Clark ’19 said.
Show attendees can enjoy refreshments including pizza, cookies, pastries and beverages during the course of the show.  There will also be a photo booth area where guests can take pictures during the display.
“I think what’s cool with any art show is watching the students see their work in another context other than in the classroom, but not only that, they are able to share that work with their family or other friends willing to see it,” photography teacher Joe Medina said.
This year’s art show will feature a collaboration between the Drawing and Painting: Expressions and English teacher Ryan Wilson’s Creative Writing class. The event was also timed to be right before the Contemporary Dance Workshop I and II showcase to help allow students and their families to celebrate both visual and performing arts.
“I feel like it’s a great way for students to appreciate the art program and other students’ art,” Faramarz Nia ’21 said.