Spring play slays

Interactive murder-mystery play captivates audiences in Katzenberg Black Box theater


Micah Parr '25

Maya Rice ’27 rehearses in the weeks prior to the performance.

Actors performed the play “Death by Dessert” in the Katzenberg Black Box theater on April 21, 22 and 23. Directed by first year theater teacher Fredreka Irvine, the audience-interactive murder-mystery differed from previous plays, captivating the middle school.

At an interval in the play, audience members had the opportunity to investigate each character in an attempt to uncover the murderer. When an actor received a question, they improvised, answering as they imagined their character would.

Cast member Raquel Reyes ’27 said that the interactive and improvisational style of the play contributed to her enjoyment during the production process. Reyes loved that she could expand her character’s image and influence during the impromptu demonstration.

“This play was especially fun because you got to improvise,” Reyes said. “It allowed you to try out different roles since it’s not as strict.”

On Saturday, April 22, Talya Ebrahemi ’27 attended the performance. She appreciated the investigation part of the production because it heightened the audience’s excitement and interest in the plot.

“The interactive part of the play gave the audience more energy because they had a chance to figure the mystery out for themselves,” Ebrahemi said.

Lara Dhaliwal ’27, a newcomer to the theatre program, enjoyed experimenting with various emotions, as the play had differing tones throughout the production.

“Acting is an interesting way to express your emotions, even though you may not be feeling them in that moment,” Dhaliwal said.