Homecoming beyond the game

Homecoming 2022 features food, games, rides beyond athletic events


Darlene Bible/Athletics

Homecoming fans fill the stands on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Caroline Cosgrove, Reporter

Children, students, alumni and parents enjoyed various food trucks, attractions and watched the water polo, volleyball, field hockey, and most popular, the football game at Homecoming Saturday.
Even though the anticipated football game brought a lot of excitement and a big crowd, many came for the non-football festivities.
“The In-N-Out and shaved ice are some foods that I really look forward to having,” Connor Glass ’27 said.
Food was a very prominent part of the Homecoming experience, from the food trucks, to boba and baked goods, to different booths of affinity groups spotlighting dishes, the event provided it all.

The food at Homecoming had significance and provided a way to connect with other cultures and recipes from around the world.

“My favorite Homecoming food was the LAPA food because it gave me an opportunity to taste something similar from Hispanic culture, but made with different ingredients due to the fact that each country might make the same food but in different ways,” Aaron Escalante ’26 said.
If students were less interested in watching the games, they could also participate in fun games scattered around the football field. Friends and family participated in the attractions like Surf’s Up, Batter’s Up Baseball and an LED climb wall, while also having a fun and pretty view of the school while riding the Ferris wheel.
The games provided activities not usually seen in day-to-day life, and provided a competitive but friendly environment for students and outside of school guests.

“I like the bouncy house obstacle course because it’s fun to compete against friends and I’ve just always been a big fan of obstacle courses,” Daisy Pritzker ’25 said.