Community Service Awards Announced

Ninth-grader Sarah Parmet is the recipient  of both the Humanitas Award and the Tamkin Award

Ninth-grader Sarah Parmet is the recipient of both the Humanitas Award and the Tamkin Award

Hannah Shahidi, Reporter

On May 23, recipients of the Humanitas award, Tamkin award, and the inaugural Julia Siegler Memorial award were recognized during an all-school assembly. All three awards are awarded to students who went above and beyond the community and school service requirements. 

During the assembly, Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish acknowledged the Humanitas award recipients by reading the names of all 17 eighth graders and 34 ninth graders who received the award. These students have completed over 27 hours of community service. 

After all Humanitas award recipients were announced, Wimbish announced the two recipients of the Tamkin award. The Tamkin award is given to two ninth-graders “for their commitment throughout their Middle School years to actively and voluntarily participate in the affairs of the community beyond the School, and who, in doing so, have been instrumental in encouraging others to become similarly involved.”

The two recipients of this year were Helena Augsberger ‘25 and Sarah Parmet ’25, both of whom also received the Humanitas Award.

Parmet says that she didn’t know she was getting the award until her name was called.

“I wasn’t aware that I was getting the award. It was just as much of a surprise to me as it was to everyone else,” Parmet said. “I was shocked, which quickly turned into being pleasantly surprised. It was a great way to start off my week. I am honored to have been chosen, and look forward to serving the community more in the future.”

In addition to the annual Humanitas and Tamkin awards, a new award, the Julia Siegler ’14 memorial award, was presented to eighth-grader Dashiell Sparks ’26 for his 

Sparks, who was also not aware he was receiving this award, says he was thrilled to have been given this honor.

“I was very happy when I found out I won the award, but I don’t like being the center of attention, so it was a little bit nerve racking,” Sparks said. “Many people were deserving of the award, but I think I won the award because of my ability to connect with people. I think I’m someone you can have fun with, but also have deep conversations with.”