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HW students spill their unpopular opinions

At Harvard-Westlake (HW), students in the middle school are quite opinionated, constantly voicing their thoughts throughout the school day. Unpopular opinions have become a commonly talked-about topic in the past year, as students often post them online or view posts about them. Many students are not afraid to speak up on all sorts of topics around their teachers, classmates and parents. We sent HW community members an anonymous survey asking about their unpopular opinions. Oftentimes, unpopular opinions can cause controversy or disagreement between friends and classmates. We received an overwhelming amount of surprising thoughts from a survey that was sent to HW middle schoolers. The following are all opinions submitted by anonymous middle school students:

1. Pineapple on pizza is good.

2. Peanut butter is disgusting.

3. Tattoos are ugly.

4. Kids should not drive.

5. The Rams are really bad.

6. HW is easy.

7. The color blue is over hyped.

8. Being a hypebeast is not a personality trait.

9. Mayonnaise is gross.

10. Smoothies are not that good.

11. Rom-com movies are over hyped.

12. The homework amount at HW is doable.

13. I hate pancakes.

14. Netflix is overrated.

15. 13 Reasons Why is not a good show.

16. Dungeons and Dragons is a good game.

17. I love school and I love math.

18. Hamilton is overrated.

19. Student council is totally rigged.

20. Yellow starbursts are better than pink starbursts.

21. Every Thanksgiving food is terrible with the exception of stuffing.

22. Boba is better than açaí bowls.

23. Shake shack is better than In n Out.

24. Eggplant is delicious!

25. KPOP is good music.

26. Sharpies smell good.

27. Chocolate is gross.

28. Whipped cream is disgusting.

29. The Office is not a funny show.

30. Broccoli is yummy.

31. Black olive pizza is good.

32. The music industry, especially pop music, has gone downhill.

33. Oreos do not taste good.

34. “Coco” is an overrated movie.

35. Language is the best school subject.

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