A blow to the community: how the fires have affected the school

Mia Feizbakhsh

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Flames encompassed home after home in recent fires in Malibu, homeowners were forced to take only their most prized possessions as the winds got stronger and the fire spread wider. Despite a multitude of students living in the affected areas, head of the US Rick Commons announced that school would be open, a different outcome then when fires ravaged throughout the Los Angeles area last year.
The fires have since been put out, but the damage remains, and the long road to recovery has begun. Those who have lost their homes have started rebuilding, and those who have not have offered support.
Bella Ganocy ’22 was among those who’s homes escaped the fires, yet they both experienced the fear as they were evacuated out of their Calabasas and Malibu houses.
“As I watched the news, I was really worried about my community, my friends, and my house. I was worried about the possibility of it burning down” said Bella Ganocy.
Since the fires have settled down, many organizations have worked to raise funds for families who’ve lost their homes and members of their family, since approximately 50 firefighters were lost. Ella Ganocy ’22, who lives in the regions affected, has reached out to help her community recover.
“My family and some others hosted a Thanksgiving Brunch for the Malibu residents. […] We felt the need to support those who were less fortunate and allow them to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together,” Ella Ganocy said.
During the fires, some people were so determined to save their houses, that they stayed behind and helped the firefighters.