Kohls joins Student Council

Juliet Suess

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Kohls poses at her desk.

By Tanisha Gunby ’21
English teacher Sidney Kohls is the new co-advisor for Student Council.
Her role involves working with the Director of Student Affairs and co-advisor of Student Council, Keith Jordan, to help the senators reach goals they make for themselves in leadership class. Student Council also hosts events such as Coffee House and the Ninth Grade Dance.
Kohls said she is excited to collaborate with students and get to know them better.
“I [am pleased to get] the chance to get to connect with the students more one-on-one and see a less academic side of them. Helping them accomplish their non-academic goals would be a really cool opportunity and way to connect with the community in a bigger way,” Kohls said.
She said that she thinks this role is a good fit for her because of her experience with Student Council.
“I used to do Student Council in middle school and high school, so I can connect with it,” Kohls said.
Jordan said that he is happy to be working with Kohls and the new Student Council this year.”
Last year, when we started booking for a new co-advisor for the Student Council, [Head of Middle School Jon] Wimbish actually suggested Ms. Kohls as somebody that would be really good for the position because she is energetic and a lot of fun. I thought that she would be perfect for the position, and I was so happy that she accepted it,” Jordan said.
Student council members said they are excited to have her on Student Council.
“I think Ms. Kohls is bringing a fresh perspective because we haven’t had her as a teacher yet, so it’s going to be a really exciting year with her,” Student Council member Jade Stanford ’22 said.