First Impressions: A New Student’s Perspective

Juliet Suess

img001By Mohona Ganguly ’21
First Impressions
As a new Ninth Grader, I want to share my experiences. This issue, I am describing a few of my first impressions and some things that stood out to me during my first month at school.
The First Bus Ride
On the first day of school, I woke up early to take the bus to school for the first time. Nervous and skittish, I extended my shaking hand to show the bus driver my I.D. After the bus took off, many of the other passengers started discussing their summers. Pretty soon, the whole bus was filled with the excited voices of students talking and laughing with their friends. Although I did not join in on their conversations, I still felt cheerful listening to them talk. There was so much camaraderie on that school bus and it felt like I was part of a big team.
The Wonderful Unknown
Any new experience takes some time to become used to. When my first day came along, I was expecting to end up lost and to be wandering around aimlessly while my other classmates would be talking about people that I barely knew. Instead, I was greeted with friendly faces and my classmates invited me wholeheartedly into their conversations. People were there to take me to classrooms if I looked lost (which was a fairly common occurrence in my first few days). Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and it felt like I had been studying here for my whole life after just one week.
My first period everyday is Symphony. It always feels so wonderful to get lost in the sound of instruments in the morning before my academic classes. My other classes are also equally extraordinary. All of my teachers are so invested in what they teach that it is hard not to get excited when they teach a new concept. All of the material is very interesting, and I am particularly fond of doing group work and exercises during class so that I can meet new and interesting people. Overall, there are so many unique opportunities at our school. It is no wonder that part of our mission statement is “to promote the joyful pursuit of excellence.”
Absence Nightmares
In the second week of school, I fell sick with a virus. I was horrified. I had heard the rumors that missing a day of school is like missing a whole year. I insisted on going to school and not missing any of my classes, but my mother refused and forced me to stay home. The next day I arrived at school, absence note in hand, trying to frantically catch up on what I had missed. Instead, I found that the teachers were patient and understanding and they all helped me catch up on what I had missed. By the end of the day it felt like I had missed nothing at all.
Future Hopes
After my first few weeks, I feel well integrated into the community. The teachers and students are friendly, warm and approachable. I am very optimistic and I cannot wait for what is in store for me next during my first year.