Sarah’s Suggestions


Juliet Suess

By Sarah Healy’20

How do I keep a club running and avoid it from not fading away?

Sincerely, Concerned

Dear Concerned,


A club will keep running if you make it fun and have enough students. One way to do this is to attract new kids. Make sure that you are updating the daily bulletin and sending emails every week to remind students about the club. Advertising is very important because it brings in new members and reminds current members to attend each week. One way to do this is to print out posters and post them on bulletin boards around campus. Also, break is usually the time that students eat snacks, so if you bring food, you will attract kids to your club. Lastly, make sure that you have fun activities for students to do. Have a prepared agenda to follow for each meeting, and make it well organized so that students are more likely to come back.




I am currently distracted from my schoolwork because I want a boyfriend but can’t find one. How can I find the man of my dreams but still do well in school?


Sincerely, Searching


Dear Searching,


You most likely will not find the man of your dreams in middle school, so focus on the things that you can control right now. Schoolwork is extremely important, even in middle school, because you have to make sure that you’re prepared for high school. Actively looking for a boyfriend might be a distraction. If you focus on doing well in school, a boyfriend might come later on. Don’t push it though, because the best relationships come naturally.




What do I do if I am generally more interested in humanities subjects but want to try out honors math or science courses in ninth and tenth grades? Are they worth trying if they end up taking all of my time?


Sincerely, Confused


Dear Confused,


It really depends on whether you actually like math and science. You should not take the honors classes if you don’t sincerely enjoy these subjects because they can become very challenging, meaning that you won’t have enough time to focus on the activities you enjoy more. However, if you enjoy these subjects and want to challenge yourself, it is something to consider. Also, there are always more honors classes at the Upper School in both the humanities as well as the maths and sciences, so you don’t have to rush into them in ninth grade.




What do I do if I don’t agree with some of my friends’ opinions and feel strongly about my own?


Sincerely, Different


Dear Different,


Don’t be afraid to have your own opinions! There is nothing forcing you to agree with your friends, and they should understand that. If you express your opinions and they don’t like you because you disagree with them, perhaps you should question if these are the people you want to spend time with. You shouldn’t hold back your real thoughts because they are what make you unique, and your friends should accept you even if you have different opinions. However, you should also keep an open mind because everyone’s opinions are valid, and you could risk hurting someone if you are disrespectful of their opinions.