Health Guide: How to stay fit during the holidays


Juliet Suess

By Caroline Sturgeon ’20 and Jessa Glassman ’20

With the holiday season and all its sweet treats and delicious meals approaching quickly, it is important to stay healthy. It can be hard to focus on what to eat and staying fit with the stress of school and. Luckily, Los Angeles is a place where exercise and healthy food options are always available. Although there are many temptations at school and in stores, but it can be easy to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Soul cycle

There are many Soul Cycles around Los Angeles, including location in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. One can sign up for a single class or a long term membership. Places like Blazing Saddles, Evolve Cycle and more also provide similar spin classes.

Cafeteria Options

Replacing rice with vegetables or snacking on apple slices instead of fries in the cafeteria can make a huge difference. Fruits or vegetables are an easy and healthy substitute for chips or other processed snacks.


Acai bowls are always a healthy, affordable option. They can acts as breakfast, lunch or even a midday snack. Full of fresh fruits and nuts, acai bowls are not only sustainable but delicious and fun to eat.