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    9th Grade Lounge Temporarily Closed

    By Sam Ko ’19 and Saba Nia ’19
    The ninth grade lounge was closed Oct. 22-26 due to disruptive behavior and mishandling of the area.
    According to ninth grade dean Betsy Ilg, the abusive treatment of the lounge included furniture being damaged and moved from their designated spots. In addition, students had not only been eating and drinking in a forbidden area but had left multiple messes and stains behind.
    “We drew the line when furniture was being used in a manner that could’ve resulted in hurt kids and that did result in damaged furniture.  When the center table was moved so far that it strained the wiring that tethered it to the floor, well, that was the last straw. Throw in the fact that kids were eating and drinking and leaving behind stains, there was no alternative to re-achieving sanity and safety.  We had to close it down,” Ilg said.
    During the ban, students were only allowed to use the lounge to speak to the deans or to use their cell phones to contact parents or coaches. Ninth graders who relied upon the lounge as a study area were displeased when their exclusive area, a privilege, was taken away.
    “It was annoying because we were all punished for the actions of a handful of people,” Esther Grover ’19 said.
    Ninth graders were allowed back into the longue after a few days on the condition that “it be kept clean” and students “behave appropriately,” according to the sign on the lounge.
    “We understand and even love that our students feel so comfortable in the lounge, yet we need to remind them that as comfortable as they are, they must still respect the space and the people and things in it,” Ilg said.

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