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Jacobson Cup incorporated into Toiletry Drive

  by Spencer Klink ’20 The Jacobson Cup has been a middle school tradition for 11 years, dating back to 2004. The event takes place year-round, and a community service drive took place before Thanksgiving break. Other events include Field Day, a school event which takes place in May. Head of Middle School and English

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Project of embracing cultures announced

by Sophie Haber ’19 Rabbi Emily Feigenson announced during class meetings that she has embarked on a project that will introduce traditions from different cultures on campus during the next three months.  After a group of ninth graders proposed the idea of setting up a Christmas tree at school before winter break, Feigenson thought of

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Staff Editorial: Cell phone policy is here to stay

Students looking at their phones. Students texting their friends. Students playing games on their phones in the library. These days are gone. With the reinstatement of the cell phone ban, mixed feelings are felt throughout the school community. After the ban at the beginning of the school year, cell phones were not allowed to be

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